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Manila is the capital city of Philippines which makes it a popular travel destination for the people who want to explore the beauty of this city which is full of excitement, party, shopping malls, historical buildings, markets, food, and nightlife. Once you reached to this city, you get access to many other places in the Philippines which allow you to explore nature and culture.

How to reach there

As the city is popular and capital of Philippines, you can easily reach there. The city has its own international airport and many other by road options including bus, taxi, and private cars etc. The international airport allows you to travel in any other country of the world easily without taking extra flight from any other popular city of Philippines. It has multiple terminals to welcome tourists and traveler from all countries of the world.

You can also reach there by boat if you are already in any other city of the Philippines. The ferry network of Philippine is all over the country which allows you to reach Manila easily. Although, if you want to get in Manila fast and you are already in Philippine then you can choose to travel by road. There are multiple options included like bus, taxi, yellow cap and rent a car etc.

Manila hotels

The first thing in your important list to do before reaching to Manila should be to get information about Manila hotels as due to the popularity of city and tourists all around the world, it could be difficult to get a room on your desired dates. The Manila hotels are not very expensive while there are many other options available to stay in Manila including hostel, bed sharing places, guesthouse and renting a room etc. But if you planned to stay in hotels in Manila, then you must sure that it is located in the center of the city, so that you can easily reach to the different tourist spots easily without spending extra money on local transports.

What to do in Manila

Once you get a room in any of the hotels in Manila, then next thing is to explore the city. You can take help from the staff of Manila hotels as they live there and suggest you better than one else. But if you are the one who is looking for the list of what to do in Manila in advance before reaching there, then you must check out our suggestions below which has been collected from different websites to give you some idea that what you can do in Manila and what you should expect in advance. This will also help you to prepare in advance for the things which you can see, eat and enjoy.

manila attractions

Explore the first Chinatown of the world

We have Chinatown’s in many countries all around the world but the world’s first Chinatown is located in the heart of Manila and known as Binondo. You can actually spend your whole day there by doing different activities including exploring the cluttered streets, eating different foods and dancing in night clubs etc. You won’t go to be bored once you reached there. There is no specific time to travel there but after lunch, this place gets filled with tourists and shops get opened. So consider reaching there early in the evening so you can also enjoy the view of this place in daylight.

Visit the Spanish old town

If you are the one who likes to visit old places which are full of historical buildings including churches then old Spanish town is an ideal place for you in Manila. This place is built with Spanish influence and it’s hard to believe that this is still in the Asian Island as it was built at first. You can explore it by feet or draw carriages which cost only $3. They will take you around and show you important site of the old Spanish town. The old streets are very thick surrounding walls, which make it a perfect place to take walk and see how its feel to live there does.

manila attractions

Manila Bay Waterfront

This place is for everyone including kids. You can get the view of beautiful see from there and enjoy the street food at a very cheap price. The kids would love to play around there. This place is full with visitors and tourists so it could be very messy sometimes. But do not stand or choose a place near the mall of Asia if you want to spend some quiet and peaceful time thereby enjoying ice cream and view of the sunset.

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